Where did TheSpaReview come from?

Dr. Kathryn Chang Barker is a spa expert and travel writer and the creator of TheSpaReview.coma service aimed at spa customers.  So many spas… so little time… TheSpaReview.com helps you choose the best.

KC brought TheSpaReview.com to the Middle East from Canada where she had a 30 year career as an education futurist in shadow 003and consultant. Dr. Barker holds a PhD in Education Administration from the University of Alberta. As President of FuturEd Consulting, she developed consumer-based quality standards and quality assurance systems in education, training, and eLearning.   She has transferred this technique to the spa world, and now applies her passion for lifelong learning and knowledge of internet applications to the promotion of spa excellence.   She has rated the quality of spas from West Beach Florida to Istanbul, Vancouver to Muscat, Jakarta to London.


For KC, the mission of promoting spa culture is a commitment to:Abu Dhabi with J n E 031

  • Promoting lifelong learning and lifetime wellness.
  • Supporting learning options and opportunities for women.
  • Protecting consumers with consumer-based quality standards
  • Supporting sustainable and creative community economic development.
  • Increasing environmental awareness and promoting “Green” spa policies.
  • Dancing like nobody is watching.