TheSpaReview Silver Crown Spa Rating Spa Quality Standards and Rating System™ has been developed by Dr. Kathryn Chang Barker, an experienced spa patron, quality assurance specialist and world traveler.  These standards are important because some businesses claiming to be spas simply aren’t.  They raise expectations by using the label “spa”, then fail to deliver a great spa experience and leave patrons more stressed rather than less stressed.  The word “spa” should mean something.  It should mean quality – the Royal Treatment.  At a minimum, it should meet consumer-based quality standards to be a real spa.

For an official TSR spa rating, a representative of TSR  will visit a spa.  S/he will book a spa day of treatments, interview the spa manager, and take some personal photographs.  S/he will not interview other spa guests and s/he will not photograph other spa guests.

The spa will be rated for quality against Quality Standards and Rating System™ and the rating posted to TSR website.  TSR makes every effort to work with spa owners and managers to utilize the spa review in positive and constructive ways to increase spa consumer satisfaction. However, even where management refuses to participate in the review, TSR will rate the quality and create a spa story as could any customer to the spa.

Based on 40 consumer-based quality requirements, rates a spa as being:

  • 5 Crown Spa (35-40) – Absolutely Royal Treatment
  • 4 Crown Spa (30-34) – Royal Treatment
  • 3 Crown Spa (25-29) – Almost Royal Treatment
  • 2 Crown Spa (20-24) – Not Royal Treatment
  • 1 Crown (19 or less) – Not a real spa!