TheSpaReview Approach to Spa Quality

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Our mission is to promote delicious, memorable and meaningful spa experiences.

We believe that:

  • Spa customers need advice in order to choose and to enjoy spa excellence.
  • Spa owners need advice to meet customer expectations and to create market advantage in a highly competitive industry. provides advice by checking spas against objective guest-oriented quality standards, and by sharing personal spa experiences.   Dr. KC Barker, Spa Expert and Travel Writer says “A real spa provides the royal treatment. You should almost feel that you’re wearing a crown!”

We are an independent enterprise dedicated to promoting and sharing spa culture worldwide. For spa consumer protection and spa awareness, we professionally and objectively rate the quality of spas against international consumer-based quality standards, and award a rating of 5 or less Silver Crowns.

We rate the spa on the basis of a full day at the spa, an interview with the spa manager, and the print information that is available to any potential customer.  As well, Guest Reviewers may rate the spa, similar to “mystery shoppers.”

We recognize that there are different types of spas – beauty spas, medical spas, luxury spas, boutique spas and many more.  And we know that people spa for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Indulgence in luxury
  • Retreat and serenity for the mind
  • Health and physical wellness
  • Fitness and relaxation
  • Beautiful appearance

We call these the Crown Jewels – the results that you want from a spa.  Not all spas can provide all these results, yet all spas should meet the basic consumer quality standards.

On this website, we post the quality rating of a spa we have reviewed.  We may share stories, lessons learned, and critique of spa websites.  (In this internet age, there is no reason for a spa not to have a really great website.  Surprisingly few do.)  We may promote products we like.  All opinions are those of the author.

Finally, spa experts from are available for consulting purposes – to advise on how to meet consumer expectations for delicious and meaningful spa experiences.

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