The TSR “Green Spa” Initiative

How Green is Your Spa?

10 ways to make your spa a little greener.

  1. Protect your patrons with organic and natural skin care products.
  2. Pamper guests with natural cotton towels and robes.
  3. Decorate with natural fibres and fabrics, wood, metal and stone.
  4. Please the nose with candles and incense instead of aerosol room fresheners.
  5. Sell beauty products in reusable or biodegradable containers.
  6. Encourage suppliers to minimize packaging.
  7. Print only what is necessary.
  8. Find ways to conserve water and energy.
  9. Reduce garbage and eliminate toxic waste.
  10. Purchase goods and services from companies that care about the environment.

With credit to EtaStar – a Dubai company with a Bold Green Vision.

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