TheSpaReview quality standards for spas

These Spa Quality Standards reflect what we believe a guest should expect from a spa in order to have an experience that is delicious and memorable.  When a guest leaves a spa, she should feel like a queen!  So TheSpaReview helps spa guests to become informed and demanding and satisfied consumers.  

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Information for potential customers
1. Both print and online information are available.
2. Information is complete, accurate and current.
3. Inquiries are answered promptly and courteously.
4. Requests are answered promptly.
5. Efforts are made to be flexible. Choices are available.
6. Guests are invited to come early and enjoy the facilities.
7. First impressions are warm, relaxing, enticing.
8. First contact is welcoming, calm and quiet.
9. Appropriate and necessary medical questions are asked to protect guests.
10. Waiver of liability forms, protecting the spa, are kept short and clear.
11. Staff are trained and certified where possible.
12. All staff are quiet at all times.
13. All staff are eager to assist and focused on customer satisfaction.
14. Guests are asked about gender preferences re: who will provide treatments.
15. Design and decorating theme are appropriate and consistent to the location.
16. Ambience is warm and restful.
17. Sound includes ambient music and no noise, preferably running water.
18. Fresh water, tea and light snacks are available.
19. There is a room for quiet relaxation, with recliners and blankets.
20. A quiet eating space, with tables, is available for spa lunches.
21. Men and women have separate facilities, with some shared facilities for couples.
Changing room
22. Personal, secure locker, robe and slippers are provided.
23. Showers and steam room or sauna are available and well-serviced.
24. All necessary grooming amenities are set out for customer use.
25. There are private changing areas for those who wish to use them.
26. Showers and toilets are ultra clean and well-maintained.
27. Light spa lunches are available upon request.
28. Spa products can be purchased.
29. Basic treatments can be expected: facials, nail care, massage, skin treatments.
30. Treatments and services are expertly conducted.
31. Signature treatments reflect the local of the spa.
32. There are private individual and/or couples rooms.
33. All treatment rooms are well-insulated, warm and extremely quiet.
34. Soothing lights, sounds and smells welcome the spa guest.
35. Each room is pristine.
Policies and enforcement
36. Schedules and timelines are met.
37. Quiet is strictly enforced for staff and guests.
38. Children are not allowed.
39. Parties are booked at times when other guests are not present or in separate facilities.
40. The Spa is run in a professional manner.

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TheSpaReview awards Silver Crowns depending on the spa’s score out of 40.

  • 35 – 40 is a 5 Crown Spa
  • 30 – 34 is a 4 Crown Spa
  • 25 – 29 is a 3 Crown Spa




TheSpaReview is back!

Thanks for joining me!  TheSpaReview has been sleeping for a while and we’ve just woken up again!


Starting in 2008, I have been reviewing spas for TheSpaReview in the Middle East, so I’ve decided to revisit those spas.  Here are some of those reviews.

Al Nahda Resort and Spa near to Muscat, in the Sultanate of Oman where I live now.

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