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The Spa
Located in The Address, Downtown Burj Dubai, Dubai, UAE

-  Dr. KC Barker,

The Spa at The Address, Downtown Burj Dubai may be the newest spa in Dubai; certainly, it is the newest innovation in Emaar’s illustrious list of achievements – a centre piece of the new Emaar Hospitality Division.  With more spas planned, what could Emaar do to differentiate itself in a very saturated spa marketplace, I wondered.  Well, the answer is to simply not imitate anything or anyone else.  The Spa at The Address is most appealing because it is not trying to be exotic south Asian or laid-back beach resort – it is urban and contemporary comfort and elegance. 

The Address, an urban resort, is designed throughout with sweeping curves and undulating lines punctuated with artworks of blown glass of all sizes.  First impressions in The Spa are of being cocooned in the flowing curves, warm amber ambience.  From there, I’m escorted into the ladies relaxation lounge – a spa lounge with an unobstructed view of the magnificent Burj Dubai.  The only other spa lounge that competes for view is the Willow Stream at the Fairmont Banff Springs with a panoramic view of the stunning Canadian Rockies.  The effect in both spas is to juxtapose the significance and power of one small person with the majesty of one’s surroundings.

Actually, first “first impressions” are in the unique booking approach of The Spa.  I have perused the online spa menu and selected a particular massage, but spa manager Susan Yarbug says “I’d rather you just answer this question:  what is your body telling you it needs? Then our therapist will tailor a treatment to meet your needs.” Susan says she really only has a spa menu because it is expected by patrons (and by quality standards), and that ideally a patron is given personalized treatment.  She says “you just show up, and we take care of you.”  That’s pretty much what happened to me, and it was sensational. 

My aromatherapy massage began with a very professional and brief consultation about lifestyle and expectations.  Apparently my answers pointed to an uplifting blend of lavender and >>>> essential oils applied in sweeping strokes that responded to the drums and hums of some tribal-sounding music. It was ecstasy – and honestly, it took hours for the mesmerizing effect to wear off.  I just floated for the rest of the day in an altered state of bliss. 

I had begun my treatment with a few minutes in the steam room.  It is always recommended that you relax your muscles in the heat of a sauna, Jacuzzi or steam before a massage, and a good spa will always invite you come early to use the facilities in preparation for your spa treatment.  I particularly loved the twinkling lights in the steam room – reminiscent of starry nights in the desert.  Susan and I agreed that the lockers in the changing room are really too tiny, with nowhere to hang a dress or abaya.  She assured me it will be changed. 

The product line used at The Spa is ESPA.  I confess that I just don’t know enough about it to differentiate it from other superb beauty and spa products, so I’ve asked that The Spa provide a mini-workshop to the friends of so that we can take full advantage of all it has to offer.  I can say that I really experienced the effect of the anti-stress oils!    

I stepped outside to lounge on a small private balcony high above the pools and fountains of the hotel and the neighbouring Dubai Mall.  Spectacular!  Hard to leave….

The Spa at the Address, Downtown Burj Dubai is rated by as a 5 Crown Spa  - the five Silver Crowns indicating that you can expect Absolutely Royal Treatment.  The Spa at the Address, Downtown Burj Dubai can say: is a Division of
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