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Khatt Springs Spa
Located in Dubai, UAE

-  Dr. KC Barker,

    Khatt Springs“An Oasis of Wellness” – set up against the rugged and parched Hajar Mountains in Ras Al Khaimah, the Khatt Springs hotel and spa is literally a refuge  from the daunting and haunting surroundings.  Sometimes a spa is set in a locale where there are few distractions and where we can focus on “wellness.”  You don’t have to be sick to be looking for wellness - to me it is the combination of physical strength, mental stability and emotional balance that makes daily challenges easier and expected joys more enjoyable. 

“I am so glad you are here!”  As a professional spa reviewer, I don’t always get that reception.  Some managers or owners are not as confident in their spa quality as is Marian Fernando, Spa and Recreation Executive at Khatt Springs. She is totally focused on customer satisfaction – she has been aware of the consumer-based quality standards promoted by TheSpaReview for some time - and she has good reason to be proud of what has been achieved at this brand new spa.  In fact, the spa is not 100% complete, and that would explain why there isn’t yet a proper chair for spa manicures and pedicures.  I am really looking forward to returning after the Grand Opening for the tantalizing signature treatments in the “Arab tent in full moon in Khatt Mountains.”  Doesn’t that just grip your imagination?  Flashing glimpses of amber and ruby silks in the moonlight?  Tender strokes of fine lotions and potions by strong hands in the mountain silence?   Reclining cushions and traditional tapestries inside a personal Bedouin pavilion? I suggest you book now!
Khatt Springs
I leave the desert world behind and enter Khatt Springs Spa oasis as I step out of the elevator.  I breathe deeply in the sudden rush of sensory pleasure – perfumed oils and a wall of cascading water in soothing blue entrance.  Moving into the changing and relaxing areas of the spa, I am faced with appealing choices – the warmed ceramic reclining loungers around the splashing fountain in the Tepidarium, the enveloping curves of the Snail Shower, the refreshing sauna ritual.  But I’m thinking twice about the frigid plunge pool and the Ice Chamber – both important elements of the sauna tradition.  I imagine guests from Russia and Norway expect them and am surprised at the gusto with which my intrepid South African friend makes three rounds of the searing sauna and glacial ice room. 

Khatt SpringsReflecting the lightest colors of the desert morning – cream-colored tile walls with white and tan accents, Khatt Springs spa combines health facility and luxury retreat – a blend of clinical simplicity and lavish space.   The spaciousness is divided between large airy rooms and smaller private spaces with elegant glass and muted silk accents.  A glance through the floor to ceiling windows at the white and tan mountains reinforces the connection to nature.   These spa guest facilities are mirrored in the men’s half of the Khatt Springs spa – making this a really large spa. 

Precious Stones Therapy…’s new to me, but certainly not to the Chinese.  A form of Traditional Chinese Medicine thousands of years old, Five Elements Therapy engages the healing properties of natural elements and seasons and scents to promote inner harmony.  Classified as Metal, I am most likely to benefit from the properties of aventurnin and labradorith and eagle eye – fist-sized stones set into the back of a huge ceramic chair.  I’m in a chamber – and I’ve been told to meditate while the precious stones work their magic.  Now, luckily for me, I’ve been taking lessons on how to focus on breathing and emptying the mind and opening up to new ideas and mental gifts from the universe.  “Super!” I think, but I know few people who would be comfortable for so long in the isolation room.  You will get a lot more out of a spa day if you have to tools to sit very still and relax your mind – maybe through yoga, or breath work, or spiritual meditation.  For me, it is an integral part of a meaningful spa experience.  I take a few Khatt Springsdeep breathes of cool cinnamon air, focus my mind on the word “metal” and let the un-spa-like and compelling music march me away.   I leave the chamber refreshed and inspired, feeling sharp-edged like a steel saber yet mellow as pewter.  I’m delighted to be far from the city in the mountains of might stone, the source of soothing muds and salts for spa treatments.

The massage that has preceded the chamber has tenderized my muscles aching from a rigorous morning workout in the gym.  The chamber has tenderized my mind.  Now I need to indulge in a beauty treatment – a “lifting facial.”   You might already know that no two facials are alike, and you always need to keep an open mind.  My face has been cleansed with a light froth and my eyes are shaded with cooling cotton pads when I’m pleasantly startled, first by a tiny rotating electric brush that will make my skin tingle, then by a pulsating sparking electric tool that smoothes wrinkles and closes pores.  I can feel my face lifting like a Sunflower to the sunrise.  I feel beautiful.
Khatt Springs
A final indulgence, I step outside to the pool to warm up.  The spa is cool and air-conditioned.  The mountain sun soaks into my body and mind, performing the final spa ritual – indulgence.  We’ve been warned about the havoc of too much sunshine, but just the right amount seals in the spa goodness, burnishes my tenderized skin and lights a small fire in my brain – new ideas for delicious and meaningful spa experiences that I can’t tell you about yet.  Later… right now we have to drive back to Dubai.  But first, a stop at the Khatt Date Factory for sumptuous samples of dates.  Did you know there are so many different kinds?  Dates, hmmm…. How about a date sugar scrub?  It’s a treatment not yet available, but TheSpaReview hopes to bring it to you soon and the perfect setting is Khatt Springs spa, set in the date-growing culture of the most beautiful northern Emirate. 

The Spa at Khatt Springs Hotel and Spa is rated by TheSpaReview as a 5 Crown Spa  - the five silver crowns indicating that you can expect Absolutely Royal Treatment.