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kaya skin clinic
Located in the Town Centre in Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

-  Dr. KC Barker,

A crisp, bright, white reception area – glass and chrome – not the usual spa waiting room.  A doctor’s consultation room next to the check-in desk.  Not a typical spa feature.  No soothing scents and whispered instructions – not the usual spa welcome.  But this is not a usual spa – it is kaya skin clinic

I’m at Kaya in the Town Centre in Jumeirah – a shopping mall becoming a centre of boutique spas that focus on particular services, and by virtue of their limited size, cannot provide a full range of spa facilities.  Kaya focuses on skin care, predominantly facial treatments for enhancement, problem solution, age control services.  With 11 clinics throughout the UAE, Oman and KSA  kaya has expanded from its base in India where all therapists must go for rigorous training and certification based on medical principles.  So, no recliners in the relaxation room, no steam room and Jacuzzi, no lockers and robes.  Just wonderful skin treatments. 

I’ve booked a treatment called Kaya Glow™ - microdermabrasion and rehydration – but first, the doctor (with gorgeous skin!) checks to determine if this is appropriate for my skin.  I appreciate this practice because I have picked the treatment at random from an impressive list of choices I don’t know much about.  My therapist (with gorgeous skin!) carefully explains each step of the process – the polishing to remove dead surface skin cells and stimulate circulation, the deep rehydrating face-mask to remoisturize and refresh. Latika Vieira (with gorgeous skin!), who is Brand Manager for Kaya in the UAE, explains all this gorgeous skin.  Kaya insists and assists all personnel to have the most lustrous and radiantly healthy skin they possibly can, and all – without exception - are walking advertisements for the Kaya method.  I want to look just like they do, and I’m on the way with my first Kaya Glow facial.

Now, I’ve had a lot of facials.  But this wasn’t the typical endless process of spreading product on my face, wiping it off, and putting something else on to be wiped off, and so on.  I call them “beauty facials” and they sometimes have beneficial effects you can feel or see; they sometimes leave you feeling coated with goo and anxious for a good face wash.  So I’m not expecting that much – even though Kaya Glow promises “fresher, more radiant skin.”  

Awesome, I can’t stop saying it.  Awesome!  I look into the mirror and I hardly recognize the face looking back at me.  Even days later, I’m delighted with the smooth and clear face.  I really do glow! Now I see the difference between a beauty facial and a “medical” facial.  It takes training and practice to do either type of facial, but it takes special training and instruments to do microdermabrasion, laser epilation, acne scar reduction, and fillers like they do at Kaya.

Kaya Skin Clinic positions itself in the growing medical spa industry.  I confess, I don’t know that much about medical spas, but I expect that they would provide some sort of science-based treatment in a semi-luxury facility.  I’m definitely going to find out more – because Dubai  is promoting itself as a world-class medical spa destination. I want to explore how the word “spa” manifests in the medical context – how it differs from the focus on wellness or luxury or stress-reduction or beauty.  I need to think about how would rate a medical spa – and I would appreciate advice from readers with medical spa experience.

So…. exactly as advertised, Kaya is “refreshing, relaxed and hygienic.”  But Kaya has caused a problem for me. has been in the business of reviewing essentially what must be labelled “luxury spas” – gloriously appointed retreats from the real world where body, mind and soul are pampered and nourished with soothing scents, sounds and sights.  Essentially, only the luxury spas can meet our extensive customer-based service and facility quality standards to earn our Silver Crown awards.  Kaya doesn’t fit our rating system, so…. Thanks to Kaya (and others), we’ve added a new recognition system.

I’m delighted to say that Kaya wins the first ever Treatment Tiara for magnificent facials.  To earn a Tiara, a treatment should meet a number of customer service criteria and treatment-specific criteria – set out on the website.  From the welcoming glass of juice, through the continued attention to my comfort and privacy, to the finishing touches to tidy my hair, Kaya made me feel a valued client.  

Most importantly, a Tiara Treatment must deliver results – a facial that makes you feel really beautiful, a massage that makes you feel better, a manicure that makes proud of your nails – results that you want to tell everybody about.  I want to tell everybody that a Kaya facial should be in your regular wellness and beauty routine.  It will be in mine!    

Thanks to kaya skin clinic for the use of these images. 

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