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Cleopatra Spa
Located in Wafi City, Dubai, UAE

-  Dr. KC Barker,

Inside the pyramids of Egypt are dark tunnels and danger; however, the interior of the Pyramid at Wafi is exactly the opposite – warm and welcoming. The entrance feels authentic with hieroglyphics engraved into stone walls and stone statues of Egyptian gods.  CleopatraThe Pyramid is host to an array of leisure facilities inclusive of Pharaohs’ Club (a luxurious and members only gym and fitness club), hair@pyramids (a high end hair salon).  But the Pyramid is most famous for Cleopatra’s Spa – named for the queen of opulence and seduction. 

She wasn’t actually there the day I spent at her spa, but I had the feeling that she might just drop in at any moment, so luxurious were the surroundings.  Her friends and guests – me included – lounged about on cushioned recliners and in warm pools feeling pampered and special and it seemed that Cleopatra herself might stroll through and nod approval and hasten on to official queenly business.  We were in no rush to return to business, we had spa treatments to enjoy.

The spa seems to be bathed in gold – golden wooden walls, amber light and flickering flames,  soothing taupe marble floors.  It feels like being inside a honeycomb – a maze warm with liquid honey.  Even the aromatherapy scents seem to conspire, hinting of the sweetness of natural honey and sun-bathed fields of flowers and herbs where bees gathered golden pollen.  OK.  I liked it.

First, a languorous stretch in the toasty sauna to open my skin’s pores, then a dip in the freezing plunge pool to slam them shut again.  Then into the rasul chamber – an enticing tiled dome like a tiny temple to the body.  After being scrubbed with sea salt, I was coated in five types of mud – chalky white face, melted chocolate brown arms, deep peat legs…. I sat in one of four huge ceramic chairs – apparently  a rasul can be a group activity – while the muds were “stimulated” by herb-scented steam gasping from what looked like a giant incense burner taking up most of the chamber.  The best part was the stars overhead – the dome is set with myriad tiny lights like a clear night in the desert.  I was just tripping into a meditative state when the tiny lights seemed to turn to tiny fountains and water was dripping on me, then streaming over me and the mud was running everywhere and I was a total mess.  Well… thankfully, the next step was a real shower.  If you’re game to do a group rasul, let me know because I just can’t imagine it a shared rasul experience.  Maybe we can convince Cleo to join us.

CleopatraThe sultry Egyptian queen would be so pleased with the treatment her guests get – well-trained therapists, elegant treatment rooms, choice in ambient music – always a soft hand in the small of the back to guide guests within the honey-comb maze.  “We just really want to take care of you” says spa manager Alexandra Hurt.  This is the guiding philosophy of Cleopatra spa, and it inspires loyal clients.  So many friends had recommended this spa to me – maybe not surprising because Cleopatra spa is almost an institution in Dubai – an early beacon of spa culture inspiring and leading the development of the spa industry in Dubai.  

In reality, I had a really hard time getting any information about the spa – the website is hidden inside a Wafi corporate website, Google takes you to something that is not THIS spa and to nothing else.  I really had to persist and I almost gave up several times.  I’m a highly experienced internet user, but I could find nothing, so eventually I was compelled to phone the spa and ask where I’d get information.  What I was directed to on the web was a few uninspired pages of examples, no actual list of services and no associated prices.  It was almost impossible to book a special spa day – so I missed some of the great treatments that seem to be kept secret.   It’s a good thing Cleo doesn’t rely on Internet information!

CleopatraSomething that stood out for me was the paperwork processes that followed me, from a  general questionnaire about my health to assess possible medical implications of spa therapies to more questions from each therapist before each treatment and follow-up recommendations to maximize the positive effects.  According to Alexandra, not all guest appreciate the questions or the paperwork, but this special attention is a pivotal part of the spa commitment to taking good care of patrons who may need to learn that treatments can have contraindications” – negative consequences.   It is good to know that the management and staff at Cleopatra take that very seriously – not all spas are concerned with protecting and enhancing your health. 

“Come back soon” each therapist said.  “Let me take care of your skin… Let me help you relax those tight shoulder muscles… Let me help you fight stress..”   If I didn’t have to visit a different spa each week, I most definitely would do just that. 

Cleopatra Spa in Dubai Wafi  is rated by TheSpaReview as a 5 Crown Spa  - the five silver crowns indicating that you can expect Absolutely Royal Treatment.