Sante Spa at Bear Mountain - TSRTSRTSRTSRTSR
Located in Victoria, BC, Canada
Reviewed by Elaine    (Score: 37 out of 40)

This spa is characterized as a large luxurious, and full-service spa.

When I said that I would be reviewing the spa quality for TheSpaReview, they were fine with it and seemed quite pleased.

The Spa is in a beautiful location, nestled in the mountains outside of Victoria. There is a panoramic view and a professional golf course (to keep the men in our lives happy). The spa staff  were very professional and provided enough information about the treatments that I was receiving without being intrusive and spoiling the calm atmosphere. The treatments themselves were very relaxing. The Sante Deluxe Facial was enhanced by an extra massage across the shoulders and down the arms with the feet being massaged, oiled and wrapped in warm towels. The Relaxation Massage was gentle and relaxing with a blend of aromatherapy oil that was available for purchase at a very reasonable price to take home with you to extend your spa experience. The two treatments left me with an all-over feeling of well-being and total pampering and I would not hesitate to recommend this Spa to any of my friends. I was pleasantly surprised that a week after I arrived home, I received a hand written card from Monica and Jen, the two techs thanking me and hoping that i enjoyed my treatments and they look forward to seeing me again in the near future. I thought that thist was a very nice touch.

I found this Spa to be moderately expensive.

In my opinion, this spa rates 5 Crowns

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